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We're passionate about supporting the 57 employed CYF workers that are connected with the churches in our association. We also want to walk with all the churches and their volunteers as they seek to be Good News through many different ways including toddler groups, schools work, discipleship groups, youth clubs, Messy Church. Finally we never want to lose sight of the 95% of children and young people who are not in our churches and who God loves deeply and would love it if they got to know Him better.


This month Scott Cheesem155806947 2830806650512207 251an from Kidlington Baptist Church shares about how the youth group inspired the church to support the work BMS are doing in Chad.

Initiated by the youth group Kidlington Baptist Church’s Marathon challenge was launched on Sunday 28th February. It’s a fundraising opportunity for BMS Operation Chad where the youth group (Solid Rock) and the church have committed to spending the month clocking-up 3887 miles- the distance from Kidlington Hospital to the hospital in Chad.

No cars allowed so instead the challenge will involve walking, running, cycling, swimming, scooters and even mobility scooters; meaning that all ages and stages of life can get involved. Even those shielding haven’t been forgotten and have been encouraged to do laps round the room!
Kidlington Baptist Church currently supports the Spears family who work at the Guinebor 2 Hospital in Chad through BMS. As a country Chad has suffered a lot with various problems including Civil war but now COVID is bringing new pressures and it will be a long time until they benefit from a vaccine programme.

For more information then please follow the link:
How can we continue to help our children and young people engage with mission that’s beyond our local community? We’d love to hear more stories of CYF taking the lead in mobilising and inspiring the church in the journey of justice

CYF Podcasts
Clare has been recording a collection of podcasts from across our association to inspire CYF work in our churches and communities.

19 Ideas for your Youth Group
19 Ideas for your Youth Group

Growing Faith
Growing Faith

Intergenerational Ministry 
Intergenerational Ministry


There are lots of opportunities to connect over the year specifically for those employed in our churches to work with children, young people and families to gather together.

CYF Retreat
After an awesome CYF retreat in 2019 the next one has been booked for 15th-17th June 2021. Joth Hunt is going to be leading these sessions which will be via zoom. However, there will be opportunity to gather locally so you can chat through the sessions over lunch.

Social Media

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CYF Steering Group
We are the CYF steering group and would value your prayers as we meet to discern how our association might best serve the churches in their work with children, young people and families.

Simon is the moderator of this group and can be contacted at: Simon


I am the CYF mission developer for SCBA and I would love to meet with you and listen to where you think God might be leading your church regarding how it's working with, or might work with children, young people and families.

Please get in touch regarding any training needs that you have, if you're looking to employ a CYF worker, if you need to chat something through or if there's something else you think I might be able to help with.

There are many different opportunities out there that can help churches connect with those under 18. Here are a few of them which I would be more than happy to chat through with you.

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Example Risk Assessments
We thought that it might be helpful to share risk assessments that our CYF workers & ministers have written for starting up their CYF groups.

Chris Walker at Eastleigh Baptist Church has shared his Youth Group Risk Assessment which can be viewed here.

If you have written a CYF group risk assessment and are happy to share it in our association, please send it to Clare at Clare.

Training Courses

There are many different training opportunities for those that work with children, young ?people and families; here are a few of them. Please do get in touch if this is something you'd appreciate praying about and talking through with someone.

CYF Tool Kit: Not a training course but a tool kit to help your church or CYF team reflect on it's work with children, young people and families. It includes a quick check list.

Footsteps: If you're part of the CYF team at your church than this training is ideal. It will deepen your understanding and you'll develop the skills necessary for ministry amongst children, young people and families. 

Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission (children, youth and families): Provides accredited training for those with experience and who are called to specialist ministries and mission with children, families and communities where they live. Integrates a high level of theological education and reflection and offers the opportunity for further study going forward. 

MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission (children, youth and families): If you've got experience in working with children, young people or families and would like to have the opportunity to to sharpen your understanding by critically reflecting on your experience and theology than this opportunity might be a good fit for you.

Revd Clare Hooper
Email: Clare

Tel: 07840 378788