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Prayer Diary for May 2021

From Baptist Union Prayer Diary

2nd May - This year has been a very different one than planned for our President, Yinka Oyekan.  In spite of the difficulties he has been able to help churches discover "how do we grow from here?"  Please pray for Yinka as he continues in his ministry.  (

9th May - Pray for all the events and services happening this Christian Aid Week, face to face and online.  Pray that they will create a sense of connection and joy for churches and communities here in the UK and across the world.
May the spirit of joyful giving transform communities across this nation and the world this Christian Aid week. Amen

16th May - This year's Baptist Assembly is taking place online.  Please pray for those participating, including this year's keynote speaker Shane Claiborne.  Please also pray for our newly inducted President, Geoff Colmer, as he begins his Presidential year focusing on being attentive to the rhythms of grace. ( (

23rd May - On this Pentecost Sunday we join in Thy Kingdom Come prayer:
Almighty God, 
your ascended son has sent us into this world to
preach the good news of your kingdom;
inspire us with your Spirit
and fill our hearts with the fire of your love,
that all who hear your word
may be drawn to you
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


30th May - London Baptists exists to encourage and equip its member churches as they pursue their own district vision and calling to the local communities in which they're based.  Please pray for the 300 churches of the Association as they carry out their mission and ministry in and around the London area.  (

From the BMS World Mission Prayer Diary

2nd-8th May - Poverty Reduction - BMS World Mission is committed to the eradication of all kinds of poverty.  God's desire is that all should experience the abundant life that only He can provide.  This includes resilience, sufficiency and the opportunity to live and thrive.  It refers not just to income per household but also access to services, rights and participation.

9th-15th May - Empowering Churches - Over the years BLS World Mission workers have collaborated with church leaders in various communities to mobilise churches and communities to use local resources to bring about social, spiritual and other forms of transformation.  Let us pray that God will give us grace to do much more.

16th-22nd May - Health - After a year dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic, we focus our prayer again on BMS World Mission's health ministries that continue to reach thousands across the world.  Where possible, many of these ministries have continued tirelessly throughout the pandemic, despite the risk to staff, bringing well-being to those they serve.

23rd-29th May - North Korea - Accurate information about north Korea is always difficult to obtain, and when the country closed its borders in January 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19, information was even harder to come by.  This is even more reason to pray for the people of North Korea, and for a long-lasting Christian presence in this country.

You can access the full BMS World Mission Prayer Diary here.