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Reflections from SCBA

Each month a member of the SCBA team puts a reflection together. You can find them here or on our YouTube channel or on our podcast channel SCBApod

April 7th 2022 - My God, My God, Why have you Forsaken Me?

As we approach Easter, Steve Barber helps us to consider the words of Jesus on the cross, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" and the act of salvation we have received through Christ's suffering.

March 2nd 2022 - Hope Empowered

Colin Norris shares from Ephesians 1v15-23 at the SCBA Ministers' & Leaders' Conference during the Communion Service and encourages us to embrace the hope that is found in the resurrected and ascended Christ.

February 17th 2022 - By the Rivers

A poem reflecting the journey of COVID for many Churches and Christians encouraging songs of lament into songs of praise.

January 20th 2022 - Faith Through the Fog

At the beginning of a new year it can at times be difficult to see what is ahead. Similar to our recent weather the way ahead can look like fog. Joth reflects on the faith and obedience of Joseph from Matthew 2 and how he trusted God in a time of uncertainty.

December 1st 2021 - Christmas Cast 21

Welcome to this year's Christmas Podcast from the SCBA Regional Team, who chat about what they enjoy particularly at Christmas time, their favourite Christmas food, their reflections on 2021 and what they are looking forward to in 2022 alongside a few Christmas thoughts and reflections for Christmas. Don't miss the out-take at the end!

November 18th 2021 - Playing it Safe?

Some love taking risks and others are adverse to taking risks. In such times as these, Steve Barber reflects on the Early Church and in particular the story of Barnabas and Saul and how the Spirit lead them to take some Godly risks for the sake of the Kingdom of God and ask what kind of risks should we be taking to today.

November 4th 2021 - What3Words

Taking his inspiration form the location app What3Words Colin asks, "What three words might you use to describe what your church is known for at this time?" He reflects on Nehemiah 2 & 3 and the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem and how many joined together in rebuilding their section of the walls for the sake of the 'common good'.

October 13th 2021 - A Brand New Regional Minister!

Joth welcomes Steve Barber to the SCBA team and chats to him about his favourite food, his family, his faith and call into Baptist ministry and what it means to be a part-time interim regional minister.

Sept 23rd 2021 - The Blessings of Smallness

During the summer months Joth has spent some time considering the smallness of life and how God chose the fewest of people to be the people who he loved. In this video on a visit to Seaford to see his parents Joth reflects on Deut 7 and the blessing of smallness.

Sept 8th 2021 - Kind 

As we return from our summer breaks, Clare Hooper reflects on her August and particularly on being kind to each other and what it looks like for children to be welcomed into the midst of our church communities.

July 27th 2021 - Paddle-boarding Towards Peace

Colin reflects and shares some thoughts from his experience of paddle-boarding and how Paul encourages us to treat each other when he wrote to the Church in Philippi.

July 6th 2021 - Ridiculous Faith

As we face new challenges that we have not encountered before are we prepared to believe and obey regardless of how ridiculous his commands might be? Joth Hunt visits Portchester Castle and reflects of the ridiculous command of God to the people of Israel and Joshua's ridiculous faith of Joshua to believe and obey his command.

June 8th 2021 - Paddling into the Unknown

As the weather has improved Colin and his wife Alison have been trying out something new that has taken them into the unknown. We all face the uncertainty of the future. Colin reflects on facing the unknown and the example of Jesus' calling on Peter's ministry.

May 25th 2021 - The Changing of the Seasons

As we move from Spring to Summer Joth Hunt considers some of the changes in the seasons of ministry by reflecting on the ministry of Elijah found in 1 Kings 17-19. 

May 18th 2021 - The Call of Adolescence

There is something special and precious about the risk taking of adolescence that we can easily lose later in life. Clare Hooper, SCBA Regional Minister for Children, Youth and Families reflects
on the value of youthfulness, how God can use impulsive outspoken risk takers and how we might rediscover our own youthfulness .

May 12th 2021 - What3Words

What3Words describe you at this point in time. Dave Llewellyn reflects on the common three words that appear regularly in scripture, "Do not fear" and how our confidence can be found in Christ.

May 6th 2021 - When the Wine Run Out

Following the wonderful celebration of his daughter's wedding Colin reflects on what our response might be when our resources run out by considering Mary's response when the wine ran out at the wedding in Cana. 

April 27th 2021 - Hidden in Christ

Alysen Merrill, SBCA Admin Support for Ministerial Recognition and Developments, looks at Colossians 3v1-4 and considers the transformational impact that takes place in our lives when in are found hidden in Christ.

April 13th 2021 - The Promise of Bluebells

Bluebells are a promise that Winter is behind us, Spring has come and Summer is coming! Joth Hunt visits Upper Barn Copse, renowned for its bluebells, to reflect on Philippians 3v10-11, where Paul expresses his desire to know Christ in both the power of resurrection and in participating in Christ's sufferings. 

Mar 31st 2021 - Loved into the Future

As we approach this year's Easter, Colin Norris, stops to reflect over the events of Holy Week and the example of Mary's love for Jesus and his love for all who choose to follow him. 

Mar 23rd 2021 - The Most Important Gauge

Returning to the gauges on a car Dave Llewellyn, SCBA Regional Minister, encourages us to check the most important gauge of all and ask the questions, "How am I being filled up afresh with God's love?" and "How am I loving others?"

Mar 16th 2021 - Dreaming with Pope Francis

Inspired by the book "Let us Dream" by Pope Francis, Joth Hunt, SCBA Regional Minister, talks about three dreams for a better world that he shares with the Pope.

Mar 9th 2021 - The Promise of Stars

For this week's reflection Clare Hooper, SCBA Regional Minister for Children Youth and Families, take us to Genesis 12 to consider the calling of Abraham and what we might learn, as God's Church, from the promise given by God to Abram as illustrated by the stars. 

Mar 2nd 2021

Dave Llewellyn, SCBA Regional Minister, encourages us to consider the gauges of ministry and asks why it is so important not to ignore what the gauges might be saying to us.

Feb 25th 2021

Following the announcement of Government's roadmap yesterday to the easing of restrictions, Colin Norris, SCBA Team Leader shares about the encounter two disciples have with Jesus on the road to Emmaus and how that encounter restored them, revitalised them and turn them back around to Jerusalem. As part of this reflection, Colin invites leaders of churches within SCBA an opportunity to experience their own Emmaus Encounter with Jesus.

Feb 16th 2021

Following a conversation at the SCBA Leaders Conference Amy Allen, SCBA Administration Manager, shares how she has been challenged to be more grateful each and every day and asks, "What are you thankful for, today?"

Feb 3rd 2021

Joth Hunt, SCBA Regional Minister, brings this reflection from the top of a hill above his home in Fair Oak. As he looks across to the horizon he begins to ask the question, "What might the future entail for Churches across our association and what opportunities might arise for us to serve those who live in our cities, towns and villages, in the year ahead?"

Jan 26th 2021

In this next reflection from SCBA Clare Hooper,. SCBA Regional Minister for Children Youth and Familes, takes us back to the beginning of Genesis and with the help of Walter Brueggemann considers what we might learn about God from the opening chapters in our Bibles.

Jan 19th 2021

Alysen Merrill, SCBA Administrator for Ministerial Development, considers the role of the banner in times of battle and by referring to Psalm 43 encourages us to look to the words of truth that will encourage us as we seek to move through this time of challenge and lockdown.

Jan 12th 2021

"From feasting to fasting, from excess to exercise". As we enter into the New Year we are often encouraged to check our physical wellbeing and to join the local gym or start the latest diet. Dave Llewellyn, SCBA Regional Minister, suggests that now might also be a good time to stop and do a 'soul check' to see what condition are spirits are in.

Jan 6th 2021

As we enter into this New Year, Colin Norris, SCBA Team Leader, reflects on what has been and how we can regain focus for 2021. Neither a 'hurrying on to a receding future, nor hankering after an imagined past' (R S Thomas - The Bright Field) but a turning aside to the good news of God's presence and our part in his good purposes.

August 27th 2020

This week Joth Hunt takes us to Old Winchester Hill to see the sun rise and reflects on on the verses "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."