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Networking and Clustering 

Stanley Hauerwas writes,
To be resident but alien is a formula for loneliness that few of us can sustain. Indeed, it is almost impossible to minister alone because our loneliness can too quickly turn into self-righteousness or self-hate. Christians can survive only by supporting one another through the countless small acts through which we tell one another we are not alone, that God is with us. Friendship is not therefore, accidental to the Christian life.  (Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony)

Most of us would agree with the importance of connecting with other and in SCBA we believe Networking and Clustering helps create:

  • A shared vision for ministries we engage in
  • The opportunity to share of resources
  • Strong pastoral support
  • A sense of belonging to something bigger

Ways to Connect

Within SCBA there are several ways for people to connect.

Children, Youth & Families (CYF)

If you are new to SCBA or would love to find out more about CYF ministry within SCBA then please contact:
Clare Hooper - Clare

For deepening relationships and support we have 4 geographical clusters and the contact emails for these are:
Rachel Mitchell (Oxford) - Rachel
Savannah Cook (Reading) - Savannah
Chris Walker (Southampton) - Chris
Simon Ford (Portsmouth) - Simon


This group exists to enable chaplains in the Southern Counties Baptist Association to network, to support one another and to share ideas, resources, etc.

To make contact with the group, please contact;
Claire Carlin - Claire


This group exists to help support the growing number of pioneers across the Association.

To find out more details, please contact:
Danny Paine-Winnett - Danny


There are currently 13 Clusters across the association. If you would like to know which cluster is closest to you, please contact Amy Allen at: Amy